How can we help?

How can we help?


What is Virtual currency?

Virtual currency is a digital representation of value, other than a representation of the U.S. dollar or a foreign currency (“real currency”), that functions as a unit of account, a store of value, and a medium of exchange. Some virtual currencies are convertible, which means that they have an equivalent value in real currency or act as a substitute for real currency. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, created by mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009. Bitcoin offers the promise of lower transactions fees than traditional online payment mechanisms and, unlike government regulated currencies, it’s operated by a decentralized authority.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. Each block in the chain contains a number of transactions, and every time a new transaction occurs on the blockchain, a record of that transaction is added to every participant’s ledger. The decentralized database managed by multiple participants is known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

What is a crypto wallet?

There are many different types of crypto wallets: most popular hot and cold wallets and others. They are places to store digital assets more securely than just on the Cryptocurrency Exchange (Binance and others). Note: cold wallets are the most secure way to protect your cryptocurrency, but they are meant for longer-term holdings because they don't connect to the internet.

What is DeFi?

DeFi is short for “decentralized finance” and name for alternative financial instruments realized into decentralized architecture. It means that DeFi disrupting financial intermediaries.

Is it true you can trade 24/7 in a year?

Unlike Forex, cryptocurrency exchanges work 24/7 all year round. It gives more freedom and possibilities to operate whenever you want.

What is token?

A token is a non-cryptocurrency unit of account designed to represent the digital balance in an asset. In other words, the token serves as a “substitute for securities” in the digital world. It is a piece resembling a coin issued for use on specified terms.

What do you need to pay attention to when trading?

To trade cryptocurrency, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive analysis. It must include tracking news about cryptocurrencies, their legislative regulation, conduct technical analysis, follow the opinions of market leaders, analyze all information that in one way or another may affect the cryptocurrency market.

How can I change my e-mail address or password?

Log into your GOLD PUBLICITATE S.R.L account and click on the "Account Information". You can change your e-mail address and password there.

Which strategies of cryptotrading exsist?

There are a lot of different trading strategies. Everyone chooses for himself independently, relying on such factors: the amount of capital, for what period of time he is ready to invest, is there a financial cushion in case you urgently need to withdraw money, and at this moment the market will decline.

What capital is necessary to start in cryptotrading or investing in cryptocurrency?

There is no definite answer to this question. All depends on the goals of a particular client. The recommended minimum capital to start crypto trading is $1000. In the case of investing, the minimum amount can be $350, but in order to feel real earnings, it is also better to invest about $1000.

What is Staking?

Staking is getting passive income from cryptocurrencies using the PoS algorithm and its variations. The essence of the process is to keep the coins in the wallet in order to obtain the right to participate in the mining of cryptocurrency and make a profit.

What is a Hard Fork?

A hard fork refers to a radical change to the protocol of a blockchain network that effectively results in two branches, one that follows the previous protocol and one that follows the new version. A hard fork can occur in any blockchain, and not only Bitcoin.

What is a Sharding?

It is a method of dividing and storing a single logical set of data in the form of multiple databases. Another definition of sharding is horizontal data partitioning. In terms of blockchain, sharding means dividing the blockchain network into individual segments (shards). Each shard contains a unique set of smart contracts and account balances.

How are Bitcoin network transactions tracked?

Transactions on the Bitcoin network are recorded without encryption, which means they can be tracked. Much depends on how the address is used and what traces of activities with its use remained on the network. For example, it is quite easy to trace transactions to a Bitcoin address posted in the signature of its owner in e-mail or on forums. But the task becomes much more complicated if the user conducted them in a separate system with access to the Internet through the anonymous TOR network and transferred bitcoins exclusively from a mining pool like Eligius, which does not require registration to get started. However, using serious analytical tools and spending some time and resources, you can get close to the owner of bitcoins.

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