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Golden Hawk is a reliable modern crypto-platform that belongs to investment company GOLD PUBLICITATE S.R.L. Our team has a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We believe the financial system should work for everyone. That’s why we create products that let you start investing at your own pace and on profitable terms.

Analyzing markets, our specialists help traders and investors to make the right decisions at a specific time. They know how to operate profitably regardless of the market situation - falling or rising. We work around the clock 365 days a year. Thereby, we keep our hands on the pulse to help our clients trade or invest profitably.

For example, our experts regularly analyze the market and monitor news to offer our clients the most moneymaking strategies. We offer different strategies for new and more experienced traders/investors. This approach gives us a possibility to always improve our work. Due to that our clients work with us for a long period.

Digital finance (CBDC, stablecoins, and cryptocurrencies) obviously will become an integral part of our lives. That’s why we want to create an opportunity for our clients, where they can pay with digital money or investing to earn on the rates difference.

We will help you to double your savings. Golden Hawk experts know how to create your prosperous future. We guarantee to provide our clients with high-quality service, reliability, and compliance with the rules of conduct in the stock market. In case of any questions, you can contact our specialists, who are always happy to help.

Investing is an ideal way to make money on cryptocurrencies. While many attribute high volatility to the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies, this is not entirely true. It is volatility that makes it possible to earn big money on cryptocurrencies.


We work at the 110 countries and this list is constantly growing


Our team consists of 28 skilled mentors with experience in trading&investing


We know how to work profitably and that's why 6500 clients choose us


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